2017 Limited Release Novello Extra Virgin Olive Oil 500ml

We take great pleasure in presenting our 2017 NOVELLO Extra Virgin Olive Oil. In Italian, "Novello" means "new" or "young" and when using it to describe an olive oil, it means the very first pressed oil taken from the years harvest. Our Novello is bottled in clear glass so you can see it in it's unsettled and unfiltered state. Novello is very unique and we encourage you to enjoy it with the gusto it deserves! This beautifully packaged Novello is a limited release with only 1500 available for purchase.

How to enjoy this product

Unfiltered and bottled straight off the press with an unrivalled freshness. Enjoy this extra virgin olive oil as soon as possible to enjoy its distinctive fresh taste. Dress your salads, steamed vegetables, or simply dip with crusty sourdough bread