Complete Care Gift Bag

Enjoy the full range of Earth & Grace with the Complete Care Gift Bag. Earth & Grace Skincare combines the naturally nourising, ancient properties of olive oil with the regenerative elements of natural extracts.

How to enjoy this product

Complete Care Gift Bag includes:

Cleansing Body Wash A lightly foaming and cleansing body wash enriched with olive oil, vanilla and frankincense.

Moisturising Body Lotion Nurture your skin with this luscious olive oil lotion, with soft undertones of vanilla and lime.

Whipped Body Butter Invigorate the skin with this velvet-smooth body butter made from olive oil with hints of vanilla and frankincense.

Nourishing Hand Cream Indulge hard-working hands with a nourishing balance of olive oil, frankincense and vanilla.

Olive Oil Lip Balm A relieving lip balm made with hydrating olive oil, shea butter and vanilla.

Olive Oil Body Bar Beautifully scented with frankincense and vanilla, and enriched with olive oil.