Meat Sauce Gift Pack

Glasseye Creek Meat Sauce Gift Pack
How to enjoy this product Wild Meat Sauce - In the words of the guys at Glasseye Creek, Wild Meat Sauce goes pretty much great with most meats and tucker but NOT WHITEBAIT! Some things are best left alone! Great as a marinade, in casseroles, or add a dash to your gravy. Pretty Hot Meat Sauce - Fired by the heat of three day smoked jalapeno's and tamed with wood roasted tomatoes and blackcurrant, our Pretty Hot Meat Sauce makes meat sing, not squeal. Goes beaut with beef, pork, chook, lamb, venison, prawns, fish & chips, bacon & eggs, burgers, pies, pizza and everything off your barbie. So, in other words, great with virtually all meats looking for a pretty hot mate.