Kingfish Carpaccio

An elegant dish to show off the complex Premium EVOO


250g Sashimi grade Kingfish fillets, sliced thinly

1 Lime juiced

1 Ruby grapefruit, juiced

100mL Pukara Estate Premium Extra Virgin Olive Oil

1 tbls finely chopped chervil

Pinch Pukara Estate Charcoal Smoked Salt


Place the kingfish in the freezer for 10 minutes prior to slicing. This will make it easier to slice and keep it cool. Use a sharp knife and thinly slice the kingfish fillets across the diagonal.

Arrange the thin slices of kingfish on a plate. Drizzle over lime and grapefruit juices and season. Drizzle over Premium oil and sprinkle with chervil and charcoal salt. Serve immediately.

This dish could be replaced with any fish of your choosing. Make sure to always select the best fresh fish you can, sashimi grade is always preferable.