Red Wine Liqueur Vinegar Poached Figs

A fruity, light dessert perfect for autumn when fresh figs are in season.

Also great to keep left overs and serve over muesli or porridge the next day for breakfast.


6 whole ripe figs, cleaned sliced in half

Half cup late harvest Semillon (or similar sweet white dessert wine)

100mL Pukara Estate Red Wine Liqueur Vinegar

2 tsp rosewater

4 cardamom pods

1 vanilla bean split

Créme fraiche and crushed caramelised pistachios for serving


In a shallow pan add the wine, Liqueur Vinegar, rosewater, cardamom pods and vanilla bean and bring to a gentle simmer for 4 mins.

Add the halved figs and cook on low heat for 1 minute, then turn and cook for a further minute or until soft but not falling apart. Remove figs from pan and place in a serving bowl.

Top with créme fraiche and crushed caramelised pistachios and drizzle with a little of the poaching liquid. Serve immediately.