Truffle Scrambled Eggs

Decadent breakfast dish for any day of the week.


4 free range eggs

2 tbsp Truffle Flavoured Extra Virgin Olive Oil

1 tbsp chopped parsley

80ml cream

small knob of butter

Sourdough toast, avocado, tomato (optional)


Whisk the eggs, cream and truffle oil together in a bowl. Season and stir through the chopped parsley and season.

In a heavy based fry-pan place the butter and allow to melt. Evenly pour in the egg mixture and leave until the outside rim is cooked.

With a fork, gently drag the edges towards the middle , allowing the egg to flow. Cover for 2 minutes.

Once cooked, place on a warmed plate and serve with sourdough toast, sliced avocado and roasted tomato.